Thursday, September 20, 2012

listening while I run

I'm a couple weeks away from marathon day (October 6th) and I'm really excited. And guess what?! I still love running! I'm pretty surprised myself. One thing that gets me out the door and on schedule for training is what I'm listening to.

When I first started training I was into Pandora and switching from the Beyonce station to the Dixie Chicks, to the Avett Brothers, to Jay Z, to Jimmy Eat World, Fleetwood Mac and around and around.

Then I got really into the Mormon channel where I listened to a bunch of "Conversations" which I really enjoyed.

Now I'm into and I've been through 3 books so far. I've been so happy with it.

Do you like listening to books while you're exercising?
Any books you recommend?
Picture 4

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday dinner with us

My roommates and I made Sunday dinner together which I think was the first time in ever for us.

We had a quinoa taco salad in that bowl there, fruit on the sides, tortilla chips, and I made corn bread from my new Feeding The Young Athlete book (I just got it in the mail, it's so great!).

I'd repeat this every Sunday if I could. Super nice food and time with top girls.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

zucchini bread with some butternut squash

My sister's give me zucchini every week and I am always very happy about it. If they are small then I slice them and stir fry them for dinner. If they are big then I bake something with them. 

A week or so ago I made Edible Living's zucchini bread with adaptations.
I used whole wheat flour, applesauce, honey, succanat, and since I didn't have a pear I used pureed butternut squash.

This bread turned out so tasty. I like it when I bake something healthy but it can still hold together and isn't too soft and wimpy. You know?! 

Bonus to this makes two! Why not wrap it up and cheer someone with a warm loaf?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sunday picnic

picnic 2
On Sunday my sister and I and a few friends all met up to grill some food and pack some side dishes to take up the canyon. We chose Millcreek Canyon which is close to my sister's house and turns out everyone else had the same idea as us. So with no vacant picnic tables we found ourselves at the top of the canyon and laying out blankets on the side of the trail. It was perfect. 
For dinner we had each grilled our own main dish (fish on my plate) and then shared some side dishes. There was spaghetti squash, grilled zucchini (a little sad and limp looking in the photo), garden tomato salad, chips and homemade hummus, cookies, Perrier with lime, and paleo pumpkin muffins. It was a great spread. The weather was so nice too. Why haven't I been doing this all summer long?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

feeding myself

A couple thoughts here...
I saw this on facebook from Cookus Interruptus and I loved it. There is application to a lot of foods we eat and is one of my strong beliefs---eating REAL food. I'm not perfect at it all the time, but it's something I consider as I grocery shop, and when I'm picking a place to eat, or planning a meal. What am I eating? Is it processed? What is it made of? Where is it coming from?

Picture 2
Also from Cookus Interruptus is a book by Cynthia Lair that is coming out in a few weeks. I'd really like to read it and I love the topic. The author is a Health and Nutrition Counselor and Professor at Bastyr University. She wrote the cookbook "Feeding the Whole Family" which I have blogged about before and some favorite recipes are from that book.
I'm going to quote what she said about her new book....
"Practice is only part of a winning sports strategy. Whole foods have to be part of the playbook to increase energy, endurance, and focus, both on and off the field. What to eat and when to eat, pre-game, during and afterwards? How much fluid do you need to be hydrated? What to eat when you’re on the road? These are critical answers to have for young athletes, competing on a demanding schedule and eating on the run."
So cool right?! As I'm training for a marathon this fall I have nutrition on my mind and how to feed myself before and after runs. Even without the marathon training I never quite know if I am feeding myself the right way when it comes to being an athlete.
Is this a subject that interests you? How do you feed yourself when you are being active?