Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breakfast /// Acai Bowls

For our family reunion this summer we had acai bowls with Nova Granola twice. Each time was a hit. They are fast, easy, and simple to make and everybody is happy. No real recipe to follow, but play around with measurements till you get the consistency you want. To make it "acai" you should get the frozen packets from Whole Foods.

In blender:
greek yogurt
acai frozen packet (whole foods has them in the freezer section)
pineapple and orange juice (i noticed that Banzai Bowls in Laguna Beach asks for soy milk or apple juice, so you could really pick any liquid you like here)
frozen banana
frozen mixed berries

Top with:
Nova granola
chocolate chips
sliced banana
sliced strawberry
drizzle of honey

1 comment:

  1. MMmmm trying this out this week. Need to order some o that granola.