Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reunion Food


Every summer my immediate family gets together for a week near some mountains and water. This summer it was Lake Tahoe and it was beyond perfect. I think the search is over, I would happily have this be our location for reunions each summer.  Flawless.

With the number of adults and kids (this time: 18) we have, it is almost never makes sense that we go out to eat. Luckily all the girls in the family enjoy cooking, so we take turns for each meal. (ok, my mom does MOST the work). I heavily document reunions with my camera and make notes in my phone so I can journal and blog later, and many of those photos and notes include the food---it's just that important to us. :-)

I'm documenting it here because you may find it helpful to see what our meals look like for a week with a big group.

Breakfast: acai bowls with Nova Granola
Lunch: hot dogs and sides
Dinner: pizza at a restaurant

Breakfast: crepes
Lunch: sandwiches
Dinner: pasta Italian

Breakfast: breakfast burriots
Lunch: make your own
Dinner: fish tacos

Breakfast: oatmeal
Lunch: bagels and sandwiches
Dinner: ribs and chicken

Breakfast: ableskivers
Lunch: make your own
Dinner: chicken and coconut rice

Breakfast: acai bowls
Lunch: make your own
Dinner: pizza takeout

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