Thursday, December 30, 2010


I love using honey in my granola. It might just be my favorite ingredient. Here are a few reasons you should love honey too:
+it soothes sore throats
+it's great for athletes and gives an energy boost
+natural antiseptic
+natural sweetener
+helps the body rehydrate

Recently I've been curious about using raw honey in my granola, but I wanted to do some research first. I learned that what makes raw honey actually "raw" is not too far off from regular honey anyways. all raw food the goal is for it to be close to it's original condition---what it was in when it left the beehive. When buying raw honey you can bet it's unheated, unpasteurized, nothing added, and nothing removed. As much as possible I'd like to get more unprocessed foods in my diet so I can get the maximum in vitamins and enzymes.

In my research I found some local honey companies that I'd love to support.
Here are a few:
The Honey Jar which was started by a 17 year old and is located North of Salt Lake City
Miller's Honey Company located in downtown Salt Lake City
Neighborhood Bee Keeping which can be ordered online

Currently in the first batch of granola using raw honey. I have a feeling it won't disappoint.

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  1. we have natural honey from our CSA - those are great options as well!