Friday, December 21, 2012

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My New Roots
Sarah says "With every bite of food we take we are voting for the way we will look, for the way we will think, and of course the way we will feel. Our food becomes us. Literally, the green salad or the plate of french fries. What will you be voting for at your next meal?"

take aways:
+making one change will change your life
+try something new

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Cynthia says "the good intention and attention that you give that food, it comes back to you, and everyone at that table when you sit down and eat. It's simple, it's something you can do every day. Just be present while you butter a piece of toast."

take aways: 
+cook with love
+watch your thoughts as you cook
+be present, be here now
+stop using your body as a trash can with foods you don't want and don't need

watch HERE

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  1. Today at lunch my husband chopped onions, wearing goggles, while I prepared the rest of the white chili and chicken soup that we'll have for dinner with friends. It was priceless and we laughed so hard. It's perfectly ironic how I'm reading this post just now, especially the latter part :)