Thursday, April 5, 2012


Did you know that I dehydrate my granola?

I had always baked my granola which was delicious but as I was trying out different recipes and modifying them I found that dehydrating on a low temp for many hours created the results I wanted.

I use a L'EQUIP FilterPro Dehydrator. When I started dehydrating my granola I was borrowing my sister's most basic circular, stacked dehydrator that you just plug in and turn on. It worked out fine as I was in my experimenting stage and new to using a dehydrator. When it got to the point that I was deciding to sell my granola I started to look for a dehydrator that had some functions that would make it all easier and better.

I found that I needed:
+screens for the trays to keep my granola from falling through
+a temperature setting
+an auto shut-off timer

When my friend introduced me to the L'EQUIP FilterPro I was SO excited cause it was what I needed + MORE (easy to wash, fruit leather trays, yogurt cups, a clean air filter...)

Do you have a dehydrator? What do you dehydrate?


  1. I had a dehydrator back in the days gone by. This one is a beauty. I really like it. Makes me daydream about getting one.

  2. who and where do you get your hair done? its lovely.