Monday, June 11, 2012

new neighbors

Over the weekend I moved into a new place. It's just a few blocks away, but was still as hard as moving seems to be. So many loads. So many things. Why do I own all this stuff? The garbage pile and donations pile grew and grew and our car loads were packed and plenty. 
As we settled into our new digs we had multiple neighbors come over or drop off treats saying how excited they were to have us in the neighborhood. It was really great and I had totally forgot what it was like to have real neighbors since I've lived on busy streets and college apartments for that last many years.
Friday morning at 8am was a knock knock knock and 2 ladies across the street were at our door with a welcoming gift. A fresh garden bouquet and a pack of mushrooms. How COOL is that?!
An hour later I went over to one of the ladies house to borrow a wrench and before I could finish saying "adjustable wrench" I was in her kitchen with freshly washed chard in my hand straight from her garden! She took me out back as she placed some corn and barley in her solar oven!!!! and then she showed me her bees!!! and then she showed me her neighbor's chickens!!!! The thing is my sister and I were just talking about how sad we are that we don't get the fresh garden goods from my parent's garden and how lucky their neighbors are who get to come pick raspberries and blueberries. I feel very good about these new neighbors. I want to learn everything I can from her.


  1. So fun!!! Those flowers are gorgeous! Yes, we totally live for the day when we have real live neighbors and not just apartment neighbors. Somedaaaaay.

  2. oh my, sounds like a dream street to me! I thought those things only happened in movies these days!

  3. so fun how luicky, what a treat! who are you living with?? like a legit house ya?

  4. Do you need another roommate? I will move in tonight. I love your neighbors.