Wednesday, February 1, 2012

popcorn company

Picture 14
My go-to treat for myself and for guests is popcorn.
It's cheap, easy, fast, and healthy.
My favorite way to make it lately when I have a crowd is this:
1. Fill the bottom of a sauce pan or stock pan with coconut oil.
2. Drop 3 kernels in and place the lid on and wait until you hear three pops
3. Add enough popcorn to fill most the bottom of the pan and shake a few times
4. Listen to the pops and remove from heat when it starts to fade out
5. Shake some cinnamon and evaporated cane juice together and sprinkle on top

*you could also add unsweetened coconut flakes

popcorn crew//built by wendy

gray and peach zag bowl
festive jar topper diy
copper stock pot//sur la table
midnight popcorn//crate & barrel
coconut oil


  1. Hmmm, I want some of your popcorn!

  2. ...and don't forget to wear that sweater. We make popcorn almost EVERY night! Gotta try this.

  3. Is it super sweet? I've never really use coconut oil. And I have NEVER used evaporated cane juice. tell me more...