Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Almond Flour

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My friend Meagan asked me a question on this post that I thought I'd address over a few posts.

We'll start with Almond Flour.
Almond Flour is simply raw almonds ground up fine like a flour.

Food Processor works great for this.
FYI: If you were to keep the food processor running it would turn the almond flour into almond butter. It only takes about a minute or two to make the almonds fine enough for the flour.

That's it! If you don't have a food processor or you'd like to buy the flour, then Bob's Red Mill has an almond flour that I've used before. Find almond flour in the flour aisle of your local grocery store. Look where they have the unique flours.

I use almond flour in many of my breakfast recipes.

Why to love almonds:
+reduce heart disease risk
+tons of magnesium-improve the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients through the body
+potassium-essential to maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function
+almonds will lower the rise of blood sugar and insulin seen after eating

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  1. This was great!!! I need to try it out for sure. Do you just sub some regular flour out and replace it with the Almond flour? Like 1/2 and 1/2?

  2. i have never got around to making my own Almond flour! thanks so much for the idea and tips! I bet it will end up being much cheaper in the end making it myself.