Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Featured// Roxy Marj

Roxy featured Nova on her blog today!!! She said a lot of nice things.

I've been looking at her blog for awhile now and I'm so in love with her art. I've yet to meet her in person but her sweetness, creativity, and simplicity is evident on her blog and I can tell that she's the real deal.

Her etsy is packed with pillows, prints, plates, posters, and more. Have you seen her envelopes? I have stared at her envelopes so many times trying to decide which one. Even the way she wraps her orders is art. Take a look!
Picture 6

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  1. catching up on blog reading and gracious I love roxy marj, she has such a creative mind. Also, congrats on your marathon! Isn't it the best feeling? xo