Saturday, October 13, 2012

a finish

Last Saturday was THE day, the day I had been training for all summer. I finished the St. George Marathon, all 26.2 miles. I crossed at 3:54 and with medal around my neck I chugged a chocolate milk, grabbed a slice of bread, ate a plate full of fruit and wandered around till I found my sister and friends. It was a great the 'I did something really hard today' kind.
Since the race I've been trying to figure out life post structured training. It's a little weird to not have certain miles hanging over my head each day. I miss it, but I am still riding off the marathon high. Maybe I'll run another one someday because I still love running!

on my marathon playlist:


  1. So incredibly proud of you girlfriend. That is a HUGE accomplishment. I have a friend training for a marathon she's running in November and it has been crazy listening to her milage every week. Right now, she just finished the 20 miler, and is now tapering down. 20 MILES!? It motivates me so much to get out there and get moving.

    Go girl!!!!! Love your long braid!

  2. So awesome! You've inspired me! And what a great time! Seriously!

  3. giood job you are awesome! maybe one day i will run a full :)

  4. so proud of you sister! huge accomplishment.

  5. you're just so perfect. love you! way to go!