Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Product: Reusable bags

Do you use a reusable bag when you go grocery shopping? I often forget and I go through phases of being really good at it. There really is not excuse because I have plenty in my closet and I go shopping on Saturdays. I guess I just haven't figured out the perfect system of bringing my groceries in the house to unload and then remembering to take my bags back out to my car. But maybe if I had cooler bags I'd be really good at the system?! What I like about the bags below are their color, the material, the neat little purse friendly size, and the prices.

flip & tumble $10 for 24/7 bag and $11 for 5 produce bags

ChicoBag $11.99 each

ChicoBag $11.99 each

Baggu $8 each

What reusable bags do you use? I feel so good when I use a bag I brought from home, it just makes so much sense for the environment. Looking at these bags makes me want to go shop for some fresh produce and cook up something wonderful.

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