Monday, August 15, 2011

Read: Food Rules

My friend Gloria gave me Food Rules for my birthday. (I think gifting books is so great and particularly one's with handwritten notes inside) I have pulled it out during pool time this summer and in between other reads. This book reads as bullet points almost which makes it easy to pick up when you have a second. I have loved reading it so much. Michael Pollan has a way of putting things so simply and direct that it's easy to walk away with a little rule to follow.

Some of my favorite rules so far:

Avoid food products that make health claims ("Don't take the silence of the yams as a sign they have nothing valuable to say about your health")

Avoid food that are pretending to be something they are not (aka imitation butter)

Eat only foods that will eventually rot

Eat your colors

Eat animals that have themselves eat well

Oh man, what am I saying? Every rule is amazing. You should get the book and get inspired!


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  2. I want this book! I love Michael Pollan. Forget SPRAY BUTTER!