Thursday, August 4, 2011

Products: Food Storing

I get giddy about food storage organization. I feel that a well kept and organized kitchen only makes for a more enjoyable place to cook and gather. My mom is really good at keeping her kitchen cupboards neatly organized. She has used clear oxo pop containers for years and makes cooking easy and inspiring. Little by little I have been introducing food storage elements to my kitchen and cupboard and I never regret it. I keep my cereal in an easy pour container (like this one), my oats in the glass jar below (find one similar at World Market) and tea in tins from Ikea.

I've found what makes it really work is to start with storing foods that you will always have in your pantry (i.e. flour, sugar, salt, nuts, cereal, seeds, dried fruits, etc.). This way you buy the right size container and simple refill when it's empty.

Here are some I've found that all really appeal to me. Do you use food storage containers in your kitchen and pantry? What do you like?

Target: I store my real salt in one of these.

Target: perfect for leftovers in the fridge

Williams Sonoma: ideal for pantry foods. I love the button lid, makes it easy to use.

Williams Sonoma: best look for packing a neat lunch

Terrain: This is my all time favorite favorite piece of food storage ware. It comes in a couple different sizes and shapes and I decided I'm just going to start buying little by little so that my whole pantry will be so organized in them.

Ikea: this is a good look all around, and I love the use in this deep drawer. brilliant!

Ikea: I like the clear top. This is good for fridge storage.

Anthropologie's bread bin. I just want this on my counter. So prits.

Crate&Barrel: I have four of these and I like to keep gummi worms or homemade trailmix in them as frequently as possible. Love that it's clear, and love that it's glass.


  1. great post jane! i love coming to your house because your kitchen is always so organized and everything looks so pretty in nice containers. i need to pick up a few.
    man, that anthro one is gorgeous!

  2. I have been dragging my feet forever trying to decide what glass containers I should buy. I want to buy the perfect set so they last forever. The awesome thing about glass is that it looks nice too so you dont have to use a separate dish to serve (most the time).