Thursday, May 31, 2012

zoku you do

On Tuesday night my friend Nate came over and I made him some popsicles and we sat on the stoop. Three cheers for warm Utah summer nights! (almost summer I should say)

+and we dressed like twins on accident. but cool right?
++also, Nate makes really good food. like one time he feed me and i blogged about it HERE


  1. adorable. loved that you sat on the stoop!

  2. um, you guys look really cute in this scenario. and yeah, he rules at food

  3. I want one of those Zoku's RIGHT now. I read all about them last night and I am hooked. I need to convince Ryan that they are a good idea though :-) He doesn't like the price tag so much. You should post some yummy recipes you've tried! I would love to see what homemade popsicles and smoothies you love!

  4. i'm into this. twin shirts and all. ya, post some of your zoku recipes!

  5. You have another twin?!? What?!? I'm definitely diggin' the pops. Gimme' that Zoku.