Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sunday picnic

picnic 2
On Sunday my sister and I and a few friends all met up to grill some food and pack some side dishes to take up the canyon. We chose Millcreek Canyon which is close to my sister's house and turns out everyone else had the same idea as us. So with no vacant picnic tables we found ourselves at the top of the canyon and laying out blankets on the side of the trail. It was perfect. 
For dinner we had each grilled our own main dish (fish on my plate) and then shared some side dishes. There was spaghetti squash, grilled zucchini (a little sad and limp looking in the photo), garden tomato salad, chips and homemade hummus, cookies, Perrier with lime, and paleo pumpkin muffins. It was a great spread. The weather was so nice too. Why haven't I been doing this all summer long?


  1. ah, utah is so beautiful!! looks like a perfect evening. and the food sounds/looks bomb.

  2. wow, what a spread! that all sounds/looks amazing. we need to start having picnics like that too, before summer leaves us.