Wednesday, September 5, 2012

zucchini bread with some butternut squash

My sister's give me zucchini every week and I am always very happy about it. If they are small then I slice them and stir fry them for dinner. If they are big then I bake something with them. 

A week or so ago I made Edible Living's zucchini bread with adaptations.
I used whole wheat flour, applesauce, honey, succanat, and since I didn't have a pear I used pureed butternut squash.

This bread turned out so tasty. I like it when I bake something healthy but it can still hold together and isn't too soft and wimpy. You know?! 

Bonus to this makes two! Why not wrap it up and cheer someone with a warm loaf?

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  1. totally know what you mean bout soft and wimpy haha. i love healthy yummy breads. i wanna try this! thanks for sharing :)!