Wednesday, January 26, 2011

breakfast jane

Like I said.

I made pancakes via Edible Perspective this morning. What I love about these pancakes is that they are one serving. A quick blend in the blender and some flips on the griddle and you have yourself a perfect serving of happiness on your plate. They hold together really well and I love using coconut flour any chance I get as well as flaxseed meal. I topped mine with natural peanut butter and a drizzle of honey. I also couldn't pass up $3.99 blackberries at Costco yesterday.


  1. YUM!!! That looks so good! I found a good deal on some amazing blueberries this week and this morning I made blueberry pancakes! So super delicious. And the first time I have made my own pancake mix! I love vacation Jane. And working Jane. And Supernova Jane.

  2. please come to where i live and be my breakfast cook. i can pay you in blog posts and high fives.

  3. I want to wake up to your breakfasts every morning!

  4. dear supernova granola,

    I had no idea you were doing this blog. and why? I don't know. Can't believe I've been missing this awesomeness!
    I have been on a super health kick. I cook separate meals for myself and my family. Is that crazy? I mean, my family meals aren't horribly bad for you, they just aren't filled with all that fresh veg to fill me up.
    Any suggestions for me? I know you don't have any kiddos yourself yet, but you have so many awesome nieces and nephews I thought you could help a sista out.

    -Your newest fan.

  5. oh, and when did you become such an amazing still life photographer!!! seriously tho.