Monday, January 24, 2011

vacation jane

I'm not teaching, which means I am doing whatever I wanna for 2 weeks. I actually have a lot of things to do, and projects to work on, and people to have lunch with, and shows to catch up on, and things to be cleaned, and spaces to be organized. But one thing vacation Jane takes very seriously is breakfast. Never ever is it thought-less. Here is a green smoothie made of kale, spinach, almond milk, banana, berries, and honey with a main course of egg whites and a yolk, tomatoes, and mushrooms heated with ghee*.

*Remember when I talked about butter here. Well my Mom brought me some ghee to try out and this was my first usage. I put a dab on a skillet and cooked my eggs and then added the vegetables in with it and let them sit for a few minutes. I really liked the taste and it served it's purpose. I'm very interested in learning more about ghee and how to use it.
If you want really knowledgeable information about ghee you should read this post from one of my favorite blogs. It fascinates.

Now...what should I have for breakfast tomorrow...

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  1. I want to vacation with you! and I want that breakfast. yumm