Sunday, January 23, 2011

a muffin date

date muffin
It's the first recipe I've tried from my new Power Foods cookbook. I haven't made muffins in a long time. I really love things in mini cause you don't have to commit as hard. Pop it in the mouth and that's it. Then you can do 3 more and it doesn't feel like a big deal. These muffins have applesauce, dates, an egg, honey, ginger, allspice, almond milk (it called for buttermilk which I didn't have), some whole wheat flour, oats, wheat bran, and flax meal. You should buy the cookbook and then try the recipe. These would be really ideal for freezing and taking two out for breakfast on the run or a snack in the day.

Tonight for dinner I'm trying a soup from the cookbook. I'm expecting great things. I'll be back here for a report on how it went.

Did you know I'm off-track from teaching for 2 weeks? I'll be making lots of supernova granola progress. finally.

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