Tuesday, January 18, 2011

butter me up

It's top 3 favorite treat.
Fresh popped from the best popper.

I used to be a spray butter-er, but since December I have said no more! (and guess what? it was easy) Why was I using a product that isn't even real?

I am trying to cleanse everything in my fridge, cupboard, and therefore diet of all unnatural things. More wholesome, true, good, natural ingredients for me please.

Instead, a tiny drizzle of olive oil in the popper and then topped with real salt is the perfect popcorn. It tastes better then spray butter anyways.

For other foods that do better with a little butter I use earth balance butter. Foods like a baked sweet potato, toast, even cookies. I would like to give ghee a try but have yet to find it in a Utah grocery store. My Mom is using it and loves the way it tastes with food when she uses it in her pan instead of olive oil.

What will you say No to this week? I challenge you to pick one thing you know you could do better without. I bet it will be easier then you thought. Please share.


  1. i want to try that ghee!!! i was a spray butter-er as well. but since i got the popcorn machine for my wedding, it tastes just as good plain + salt! I didn't think about real salt, however, good tip. As far as what I'm giving up - I am trying to give up diet coke. i'm not making any promises for 100% yet though! baby steps. i. heart. supernova. granola.

  2. hmmm popcorn! i need to get that popper, cause it really is the best.

    i'm a fan of earth balance as well!