Sunday, October 16, 2011

Recipe: Popped Amaranth+Oatmeal Breakfast

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While I was home with my sisters in Seattle, we had the above breakfast before our 6 mile walk around Lake Union. It was just the way I'd like to start every morning, and certainly the fuel we needed for a sunny, beautiful, long walk.

We pulled inspiration from this Edible Perspectives recipe. We used oatmeal and then added popped amaranth as a topping. I loved the texture of amaranth, it was my first time having it.

You can do this yourself! The topping combinations are endless.


  1. Oh girl, i love that header. And this granola looks super delish. Excited to try this one!

  2. New header! Daddy like. I want that breakfast too. A lot. Introduce us in a few days? #demandinghouseguest