Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Picture 33
I'm a big fan of Nike Training Club App and love to go to the gym when the group fitness room is open and I can do my NTC workout by myself. It kicks me hard!

Do you have the app? Sometimes I'll do a 15 minute Get Focused workout after I run for an hour. And other times I'll do a 30 minute Get Lean or Get Toned workout after a 40 minute run.

I also like their Facebook page for Nike Women cause they throw some inspirational stuff on there and post some extra videos.

Do Nike commercials always rule or what?


  1. i didn't know about this app but i'm going to download it ASAP! thanks for the tip-off ms. nova

  2. Cool app!!! I need to check that out.

    Ps, since my sister works at u oforegon, she get $600 in Nike gear every year, plus the discount, and plus any free oregon swag she gets from the school. It is ri-donk-ulous!!!!

  3. I love this app! I've been using it the past few weeks and I am obsessed (and sore!)!!!