Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two New Cookbooks

Last week I got two new cookbooks: The Cleaner Plate Club & Everyday Food: Light. I've skimmed through them many times already and have started to tab the recipes I want to try.

+The Cleaner Plate Club has great tips for feeding kids and I love the illustrations and pictures in it. It really breaks down everything; fruits, vegetables, snacks and all about real food.

+Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazines have always been a favorite and I've been a big fan of the cookbooks I've owned of her's. (Power Foods and Everyday Food: Great Food Fast) I really love how there is a nice photo of each recipe. That's huge for me in a recipe book.

Did you get any new cookbooks for Christmas? Do you like having a variety of cookbooks or do you stick to one or two?


  1. I don't have a classic cookbook....need to invest in one of those. I like going off of blogs and other online tools where ppl have tried the recipes and get me excited to try them too!

    But I agree, gotta have pictures with the recipe.

  2. I have about 10 or 11 cookbooks that HAVE to be right in my kitchen. My newest addition is the Magnolia Bakery cookbook. Yes. I plan to have dessert for dinner. You know me.