Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"creeps" with Kimberly

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Summer break came and the first thing I did was make breakfast with Kimberly.

I've known Kimberly for years. We were set up to be friends by her then boyfriend, and then were roommates for years after that. We happened to both be studying Elementary Education, and were even lucky enough to teach at the same school for a year. She got married last year and moved down the street. We still like to cook together and share recipes. She suggested "creeps" (or as her predictive text spelled crepes) and of course I was up for that.

We used my crepe recipe doubled, loaded them with berries, bananas, and a smear of Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter which Kimberly had gifted me for my birthday.

We went to the pool straight away. Am I missing anything to a perfect summer kick off?


  1. YUMMMM!

    I seriously LOVE crepes. There is a place here called The Crepe Vine and they do a wide variety of crepes, dessert/breakfast and dinner crepes. I am not really into savory crepes but lots of people like them!!

  2. We have crepes almost EVERY weekend! Logan's nickname is "Crepe Master Flex". These look deliciously healthy! And the tablescape has me drooling.

  3. crepes.. a breakfast fave For Sure! and that kimberly.. love her so mucb.